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Resilient Action Day Workshop Schedule

Workshop I:


A. High Tunnel Basics - Kathy Connell, Redfern Gardens

What exactly is a high tunnel? Is it different than a hoop house or a greenhouse? How can it be used for self/family sufficiency? For business? We'll cover some of the basics, FAQs, and share an overview of lessons learned and successes from six years of high tunnel experience.

B. The Art of Living Naturally - Christine Jones, Pure Soap Flake Company

Learn natural solutions for every day bathing, cleaning, and laundry problems! We will explore ingredients normally found in the home, such as baking soda and vinegar, and how to use them for natural cleaning. Optional take-home includes pure soap bathing, cleaning, and laundry product samples, free.

C. It's All Energy - Becky Steinhoff, Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts

Join me for a demonstration of how energy works in and throughout the human body. Learn how emotions affect our energy and what we can do to balance the energy centers in our body! Fun, hands-on class! 


Workshop II:

10:50am - 12:20pm

D. Essential Oils Everyday - Kris Kayser, Stone Woman Herbals

A fresh new look at using oils in "everyday" personal care - for managing body wear and tear, aiding in sleep, and balancing emotions like stress and seasonal "blues" - and household uses in the kitchen, laundry room, and office. We'll go beyond what you currently know about oils. Optional take-home is a wellness kit of 3 oil blends for well being, instruction booklet, and recipe packet, $30

E. Site assessment & Ecological Homestead Strategy - Daniel Halsey, Southwoods Homestead Design

Knowing the site conditions and details makes planning and design all that much easier. We'll focus on climate, soils, land, water, access, and the progressive planning of a homestead with integrated and functional spaces. Bring a laptop if possible, an aerial view, survey, and goals for your homestead. Participants will receive links to assessment documents and design exercises for use in the class.

F. Starting Herbs for Winter Enjoyment - * Julie Matvick, KISS Farm

One of the biggest challenges in winter is finding fresh herbs to add interest to home cooked meals. In this class we will plant up to 8 different herbs to be started outside, then brought inside for winter use. Optional, participants may take home the herbs they have planted, $10. *This workshop presenter and description has changed. This description may be different than that of the printed brochure. What you see here is up to date.


Workshop III: 


G. Forest Management - Jim Chamberlin, Happy Dancing Turtle

Forests are plant communities largely determined by soils, climate, geology, topography, hydrology, and vegetation. Learn how to use this info to better understand how your forest functions and how to make more informed management decisions. We will also cover basics chainsaw safety and operation, as well as other appropriate forestry tools.

H. How to Find Your Passion in Life - Michelle Oie, Michelle Oie Speaking - FULL! This workshop is now closed for registration.

Why to you feel like something is missing in your life? This workshop focuses on taking the three steps necessary to REDISCOVER your lost passion that's been a part of the you since you were born! Workshop includes motivational instruction, insightful group discussion and worksheets to empower you. You will have PLENTY to think about when you leave. The next step is up to you.

I. Making Herbal Tea - *Kris Kayser, Stone Woman Herbals

Fall is the time to harvest herbal teas for use in the winter. Class will provide information on the medicinal components of herbal tea as well as several tea recipes to try at home. In this workshop participants will sample  some prepared herbal teas, many of which you can grow and harvest from your own garden. Optional take home includes a sampling of herbal teas for you to prepare at home,$10. *This workshop presenter and description has changed. This description may be different than that of the printed brochure. What you see here is up to date.


Workshop IV: 

3:20pm - 4:50pm

J. Fermentation - Steven Dahlberg, White Earth Tribal & Community College - Few spots left, register for this workshop soon!

Fermentation has been used by cultures all over the world to preserve food and to enhance its digestibility and nutritional quality. This workshop will cover vegetable, fruit, and dairy ferments, sourdough bread, and a variety of hard and soft beverages. Participants will make a quart of a vegetable ferment. Optional take-home, One quart of vegetable ferment, a Kombucha mother, and a Sourdough starter, $8

K. Bicycle Maintenance & Repair - * Zach Flash, Trailblazer Bikes

Hands-on demonstration for routine maintenance and simple repair of road and mountain bicycles. Learn about different types of bicycles and components, how to maintain and tune your bicycle, and how to store your bicycle for the winter. Introductory to advanced topics will be covered. *This workshop presenter and description has changed. This description may be different than that of the printed brochure. What you see here is up to date.

J. Permaculture for Resiliency - Meghan Anderson, Terra Restoration

Have you heard of Permaculture? Would you like to know what it is and how it can help you and your family grow all your food, fuel, and fiber while designing human labor out of the system? Join us for this workshop and leave with ideas you can implement right away on your own property!

5pm - HUG Campus Tour (Optional)


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