Ready to Get Outside?
 HDT's Got Ya Covered. 



FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Spring Wildflower Walk!  


Get outside, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air as you complete HDT's Spring Wildflower Walk challenge! We've selected a stretch of trail in two locations - Pine River, MN and Trempealeau, WI - and hidden 20 pictures wildflowers along a one mile stretch of trail. Click here for more info, to download your Wildflower Guide, and for a map of both locations. This Wildflower Walk will begin Saturday, May 16 and go through Sunday, May 31. 


Lesson and Acticity Resources

Looking for something to do during your time at home? Too much screen time? Do you have kids you want to engage in the natural world? Make sure to take a look at our new online resource page for families, teachers, and children! We'll update this page weekly, so check back often for more activities, storytime book readings, craft ideas, and more! 










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