Meet our B2B 2020 Keynote: Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin! 



Regi is the President and CEO of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) based out of Northfield, MN. A native of Guatemala, he has an agronomy degree from the Central National School of Agriculture in Guatemala, as well as degrees in international business administration and communications from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Regi has a long involvement with economic development projects, beginning in Guatemalan communities in 1988, through becoming a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation in 1994, and then serving as the Director of the Fair Trade Program for the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy.  He was a critical component in starting Peace Coffee, a Minnesota-based fair trade coffee company, and the principal architect of a new regenerative poultry system which is currently being adopted by many organizations and farmers in Minnesota, across the US, Latin America and Canada.

In addition to his current work with the RAA, Regi serves on the board for The Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa and is a founding member of Regeneration International and Regeneration Guatemala.  He is the author of In the Shadow of a Green Man: My Journey from Poverty and Hunger to Food Security and Hope, and has won numerous awards for his work, including the Twin Cities International Citizens of the Year and the Northfield, Minnesota, Service to Mankind Award.

We are grateful to have Regi joining us and cannot wait to learn from his vast experience! Follow the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance on Facebook



Scaling-up with Integrity: An Indigienous Approach to Regenerative Agriculture

Focused on regenerative poultry as a blueprint, Regi will outline a decolonizing approach to working with nature. Using an indigenous way of thinking, he will highlight how the regenerative poultry system can optimize farm output and quality while minimizing cost and stress. This multi-dimensional poultry system exemplifies the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture (increase biodiversity, enrich soils, and enhance ecosystems), a growing philosophy that optimizes ecological services for the farmer, the community, and the world. 


The Welcome and Keynote Presentation will begin at 8:45am. This presentation is FREE and open to the public! 


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