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When is Back to Basics this year?

Back to Basics will be on Saturday, February 15th, 2020. The event begins at 8am and is finished by 5pm. 


Why isn't Back to Basics the same weekend every year? 

We partner with the Pine River-Backus Schools to host Back to Basics.  The event takes up many classrooms, the gyms, and the cafeteria. In order to use the facility, we have to plan the event around their sports/school schedule, so we need to be flexible! Thank you for your understanding! We do our best to avoid other events with the limited options we have. 


Where is Back to Basics?

Back to Basics is located at the Pine River-Backus Schools, 401 Murray Avenue, Pine River, MN 56474. Once you approach the school, there will be signs to follow.



Do I have to register ahead of time?

No, you do not have to register ahead of time, but workshops are limited in capacity.  Registering in advance is the best way to ensure you are able to attend the workshops you are most interested in, however, you can do "Walk-In Registration" starting at 8am at the event.


And why do I have to pick my workshops at registration? 

 Workshops are hosted in the school's classrooms, which can each hold a certain maximum number of people. Registering for workshops in advance helps the event run smoothly. We cap each workshop to ensure everyone attending has a place to sit and we won't have to turn people away at the door to go find another workshop the day of the event. It also helps our presenters prepare enough materials for their workshops, as many of them are hands-on. 


Do I have to attend the whole day?

No, you do not. While we would LOVE for you to attend for the whole day, we understand that an 8-5 event for some folks is just not possible! The keynote address and the vendor area are open to the public for free - feel free to stop by! If you'd like to just take a couple of workshops, you have the option to register "Ala Carte" as a sort of "build your own day" option.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 



Can my kids come?

We offer a Kindergarten through 6th Grade Kids' Program that runs all day at the event. Children that are in 7th grade or above are welcome to register as adults and attend workshops! 


Why are there two lunch times?

We used to have 4 workshop time slots and everyone attended lunch in the middle. Our event grew to be too big for this schedule, resulting in a VERY long wait for lunch.  We made some modifications to allow 5 workshop time slots and 2 lunch sessions, in order to spread things out more and avoid the congestion in the cafeteria to keep you moving through your day! Plus, now you get more workshop options and more time to shop in the vendor area! 


Why can't I register for all five workshops and lunch?

With only a 20 minute break between sessions and such a large school, we do not feel confident that our participants will be able to get to the cafeteria, acquire their lunch, have time to enjoy it, and make it to their next session on time. It is very distracting to our presenters when folks are coming in late to their presentations. Instead, you are welcome to attend all five workshop options, but you will need to bring your own lunch to eat IN BETWEEN workshop sessions at your leisure. 



Why is the class I wanted to attend closed?

Again, because we partner with the school and our workshops take place in school classrooms, there is a very defined maximum capacity of each room. We want folks to be comfortable at the event and have a place to sit. We decide workshop maximums based on two things: the size of the room and the amount of chairs AND the presenter's preference. Some presenters require a smaller maximum for their workshops. We will update the workshop list online and our online registration platform when workshops have met capacity. 


How come the workshop I suggested last year isn't listed? 

While we make every effort to bring in suggested workshop topics, sometimes it can be difficult to find a presenter that is available the day of the event! Don't fret, if we didn't get to it this year, we'll keep it on the list for next year.  Please keep submitting topic and presenter ideas! It helps us ensure that our offerings are relevant to the community we serve! 


I am presenting a workshop or vending in the fair. Where can I find more information about what is needed of me? 

Please make sure to read through our Presenter Guidelines and/or our Vendor/Exhibitor Guidelines.



Do you still have questions about Back to Basics? 

 Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 218-582-2303. We'll be happy to help! Follow us on Facebook for updates about the event!  




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