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Workshop I - 9am-10:30-am

A. Delight of Growing Fresh Herbs - Sue Peterson, Azariah Acres
One of the greatest delights of gardening in MN is the opportunity to grow fresh herbs! But, which herbs grow best? Can some be brought inside in the fall? Is there a way to preserve them for winter? We’ll cover which herbs can be successfully grown & how to preserve for use throughout the year. Plant up to five types of herbs to take home for $5 (optional).

B. Cleanse & Detox Your Life - Tammy Hulke, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Spring is a great time to cleanse & detox your body, mind & home. Different body cleanses will be covered - why you may want to do one & which best suits you. Ways to declutter your mind & have more clarity will be covered. Also how to declutter your home & the benefits of doing so. Learn practical & simple techniques to cleanse your body daily.

C. Benefits of Bats - Nora Woodworth, Happy Dancing Turtle
Do bats attack people? Or carry rabies? Do they drink blood? Or do bats play a crucial role in our ecosystem? Join us to demystify a species that has been shrouded in rumors & myths for years. We’ll discuss the importance of bats, threats to their populations, & bat conservation. The last part of this session will be spent assembling a bat house, available to take home for $15 (optional).

Workshop II - 10:50am-12:20pm

D. Garden Planning for Food Preservation - Sue Peterson, Azariah Acres
One of the gardening challenges in MN is determining how much of something to plant in order to get enough to preserve without being simply overwhelmed with a bumper crop. We’ll discuss how many plants to put in the ground to get an expected harvest. We’ll also cover when to plant the various ingredients of a recipe so everything is ready at the same time. Participants will have the opportunity to plant seeds for one of the following themes: salsa garden, sauerkraut garden, or an oriental garden for $5 (optional).

E. Wild for Monarchs - Coralee Fox & Beth Hippert, Wild Ones - Brainerd Chapter & Crow Wing Soil & Water Conservation District
Learn more about the life cycle of monarchs, their migration & the plants that support this amazing species. Additional discussion will cover what BUTTERFLYplants to grow to increase other native pollinator species.

F. Edible & Colorful Container Gardening Louise Johnson, Grampa G’s
Learn how to create an edible yet colorful container garden for your deck or patio. We’ll cover container planting guidelines plus companion planting instructions. Plants, soil & seeds will be available to plant your own small to the medium size nontraditional container (like a rainboot, teapot or watering can) that you bring from home. Some containers will be available. Take home planted container for $10 (optional).

Workshop III - 1:30pm-3pm

G. Using Permaculture to Design for Resilience (Double Session) - Jim Chamberlin, Happy Dancing Turtle & Diana Kuklinski, Solar Rhythms Permaculture 
Permaculture is a design system that uses nature as a model for more sustainable, resilient living. We will review the basic ethics & principles of permaculture-based landscape design.
Bring aerial photos and/or topographical maps of your property for second half design breakout where you will be able to share ideas & gain knowledge. Participants should have a basic understanding of permaculture. Resources available prior to the workshop, contact Jim by email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

H. Bringing Wild Tea into Your Life & Garden - Becca Dallinger, White Earth Tribal & Community College
Learn how to make a wild tea with Native plants found in our Northwoods & Prairie. Discuss the health benefits & even how to grow wild mints like Bergamot & Hyssop in your garden.

I. Intro. To Mushroom Cultivation - Matt Ratliff, Fruit, Nuts, & Vegetables Farm We’ll cover multiple ways to grow your own medicinal & edible mushrooms at home. Learn about the inoculating process, which spawn grows best in what conditions, and how to start your own mushroom garden. Take part in inoculating logs with Shiitake spawn. Take home mushroom garden starter kit for $20 (optional).

Workshop IV - 3:20pm-4:50pm

G. Using Permaculture to Design for Resilience (Double Session)
See Description under G.

K. DIY Condiments - Hannah Klemm, Happy Dancing Turtle
Have you ever picked up a bottle of your favorite dressing or sauce & not known what half the ingredients were? Yet, you bought it anyway? If you thought to make your own condiments was a hassle, think again. Learn how easy it is to stock your fridge with a full-flavored arsenal of homemade sauces, dressings, & much more for a fraction of the price & none of the additives. Take home two condiments of your choice for $5 (optional)

L. Geocaching 101 - Josh Sweet, Three Rivers Park District - Scott County
Learn the basics of Geocaching & embark on a GPS scavenger hunt in the MN Northwoods. All equipment provided.

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